Dragon's Cave Beach

Nestled in the picturesque fishing village of Pomos, in the Paphos district of Cyprus, lies an undiscovered coastal gem known as Dragon's Cave.

Pomos is a small village located in the tranquil northwestern region of Cyprus, away from the bustling tourist areas. A short distance from the village's port and its renowned cape, an exceptional pebbly beach stretches along the coast, captivating visitors with its untamed beauty.

Amidst the imposing Paphos forest and the vast expanse of the blue sea, a natural path leads beneath a cliff to a rocky cave. According to local legend, the cave was once inhabited by a dragon, which served as a protector against pirates and thieves. Another version of the story mentions the presence of both a dragon and a "dracaena" (an ogress) guarding the precious freshwater that emerged from the cave. These captivating tales of mythical creatures have bestowed the cave and the beach with their evocative name.

This remarkable location, boasting stunning natural beauty intertwined with captivating legends and myths, offers visitors a serene and mesmerizing experience.

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