Dragon's Cave Beach

Tucked away from the tourist areas of the island, in a picturesque fishing village of Paphos district, Pomos, it is located an unexplored coastline named Dragon’s Cave.

The small village of Pomos is situated out of the hustle and bustle of the city, in the northwestern region of Cyprus. A few kilometers away from Pomos’ port and its renowned cape, a unique pebbly beach is stretching along the coast and standing out for its savage beauty.

In between the imposing forest of Paphos and the endless blue sea, a natural path leads beneath the cliff, to a rocky cave. Legend has it that the cave was inhabited by a dragon, who was protecting the area from pirates and thieves. A second version of the story says the area was inhabited by a dragon and the “dracaena” (an ogress) who were protecting the precious freshwater coming out from the cave. The fascinating tales told throughout the centuries, around this mythical creatures, have given the name to the cave and subsequently to the beach.

An outstanding location with stunning natural beauty, accompanied with legends and myths, offers visitors a serene and mesmerizing experience. 

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