MV Demetrios II Shipwreck

Presently, an attraction situated along the coasts of Chloraka village in Paphos, the M/V Demetrios II Shipwreck was formerly a cargo ship under the Honduran flag. In 1998, the ship embarked on a journey from Greece bound for Limassol, and then onward to Beirut, Lebanon, carrying a cargo of timber. However, due to heavy winds and strong currents, the Demetrios II ship veered off course and ran aground on the western coast of Cyprus, a few hundred meters from the shore.

Despite attempts to salvage and move the ship proving unsuccessful, diligent efforts were made to clean the wreck of any hazards, oil, and toxic materials. As a result, the shipwreck now blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, providing an idyllic site for visitors to enjoy.

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