Lara Beach

On the western coasts of Cyprus, is located a small peninsula that creates one of the most irresistible locations of the island, Lara beach.  

This unspoiled beach occupies the southernmost part of Akamas’ forest. The shore of the bay is surrounded by deep sea caves, cliffs, arches and isolated large rocks. The steep path leads to a picturesque beach where the golden sand lean into the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

The Akamas peninsula is rich in various and endemic species of fauna and flora and Lara beach is a renowned turtle hatchery. The Lara/Toxeftra reserve hosts nesting sites for both the Longgerhead and the Green turtles and it is included in the EU Natura 2000 network.

The peninsula is of great ecological importance, therefore there is no road towards the beach. 
The use of umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach are prohibited as well as driving or camping. The access to the beach is only permitted by foot.

It is a true off the beaten track location that requires adequate protection in order to preserve this exceptional natural site.

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