Lara Beach

Situated on the western coasts of Cyprus, Lara Beach is a captivating and unspoiled location found within the southernmost part of Akamas' forest. This charming beach offers an alluring scene with its golden sand merging into the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, encompassed by deep sea caves, cliffs, arches, and solitary large rocks.

Lara Beach holds significant ecological importance as it is part of the Akamas peninsula, renowned for its diverse and endemic species of fauna and flora. The beach serves as a vital nesting site for both the Longgerhead and Green turtles, making it a prominent turtle hatchery. Due to its ecological value, the area is designated as the Lara/Toxeftra reserve and is included in the EU Natura 2000 network.

Given its ecological sensitivity, access to Lara Beach is restricted to foot travel only, as there is no road leading directly to the beach. The responsible use of the area is emphasized, prohibiting the use of umbrellas, sunbeds, driving, or camping on the beach. These protective measures are necessary to preserve this exceptional natural site, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of an off the beaten track location while ensuring its conservation for generations to come.

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