Omodos, situated in the Limassol District within the Troodos Mountains, is renowned as one of the most picturesque villages on the island of Cyprus.

Belonging to the "Krasohoria" Region, also known as the Wine-Making Villages, Omodos holds fame for its vineyards and local wineries. The area boasts a reputation as one of the finest grape cultivating regions in Cyprus.

The heart of the village features a wide-stone paved square adorned with charming narrow alleys, alongside coffee shops, restaurants, taverns, and shops offering souvenirs, local sweets, and delicacies. Notably, a local specialty known as Arkatena, artisanal rusks or "koulouria" produced in the village, should not be missed.

A significant landmark within Omodos is the Holy Cross Monastery, which ranks among the oldest monasteries on the island. Noteworthy sites within the Monastery include the Ecclesiastical Treasury Museum, the Struggle Museum (National Liberation Museum), and the Museum of Byzantine Icons ("Mega Synodiko").

Additionally, the village hosts several other museums, such as the Medieval Linos (wine-pressing mill), the Traditional Houses showcasing the local lifestyle of the past, and a Gallery exhibiting artworks by Cypriot artists inspired by the village and its surrounding area.

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