Panagia tou Sinti

In the Paphos district, specifically in Pentalia village, lie the remains of Panagia of Sintis, a 16th-century monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary. This religious site served its purpose until the 1920s, after which it fell into abandonment.

Though the monastic complex suffered considerable destruction, one can still envision its original layout. The ruins, constructed using local stone, encircle a spacious inner courtyard. Notably, the post-Byzantine era is exemplified by the single-aisled church, located on the southern side, while the monastic cells and auxiliary spaces occupy the remaining sides. In the center of the courtyard stands a well, once a vital water source for the monks. Adjacent to the structure, two well-preserved watermills stand as a testament to its past.

Beyond its religious significance, this exceptional landmark warrants a visit for its commendable architecture. Its proportions, choice of construction materials, and harmonious integration with the surrounding landscape all contribute to its appeal.

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