Minthis Hills Golf Club

Situated in the southwestern part of the Paphos district, in close proximity to Tsada village, the Minthis Golf Club forms an integral part of the Minthis Resort. The resort, nestled on a serene hilltop, finds itself within the protected Natura 2000 area and offers a comprehensive array of amenities, including luxury residences, a restaurant serving a fusion of modern Mediterranean cuisine, a wellness and spa center, and of course, the golf club.

The golf course, a par 72, 18-hole championship course, provides an engaging experience for golfers of all skill levels throughout the year. Originally designed in 1994 by the renowned golf course architect Donald Steel, the course underwent subsequent renovations by the designers Mackenzie & Ebert. Embracing the natural environment and topography of its surroundings, the course meanders through lakes, groves, grapevines, olive trees, and fruit orchards.

An integral and captivating part of the landscape is the 12th-century Minthis Monastery, also known as Stavros tis Minthis, which translates to the "Cross of Mint." Nestled at the heart of the resort, the monastery coexists harmoniously within the golf club area. According to legend, during the Frankish rule of Cyprus, Frankish monks assumed control of the monastery. During their residency, they stumbled upon a large wooden cross concealed amidst the mint bushes. The French word for mint is "menthe," which is said to have given rise to the name of the Monastery and subsequently, the Resort.

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