Agios Georgios Pegeia

Located near the village of Pegeia in the Paphos district, the church and archaeological site of Saint George can be found.

Situated in a small bay above the picturesque coastline, visitors will come across the quaint stone-built church dedicated to Saint George. Adjacent to the chapel lies a newer temple, a cross-shaped Byzantine basilica. Across from the church, somewhat hidden from view and lacking signs indicating its presence, is the archaeological site.

Expanding over the coastal area of Cape Drepano, the archaeological site covers an area of more than 12 kmĀ², encompassing the neck and southern slope of the cape. Among the discoveries made at the site are three early Christian basilicas with mosaic floors, a bath, and a grave complex (necropolis) featuring single-chamber carved tombs. Furthermore, the excavations have unveiled evidence of an unfortified settlement that existed during the Roman and early Christian eras. In the center of the site, remains of houses, underground aqueducts, and a large two-story Greco-Roman house have also been revealed.

This area surrounding Saint George holds a rare treasure of significant historical importance, making it worthy of inclusion among the notable sites in the western part of the island. Despite its historical significance, it remains relatively untouched and largely unknown to the crowds.

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