Achaios Shipwreck

Due to its strategic location at the crossroad of major shipping lines, the waters off the coast of the island are the final resting place of numerous shipwrecks. Among these wrecks, situated on the Akrotiri Peninsula in the southern coasts of the island, is the abandoned cargo ship named MAV Achaios, also known as "The Wreck of Three Stars."

The construction of the Achaios ship dates back to the 1930s. In 1976, the ship, laden with wood, set sail from Yugoslavia with its destination set for the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. However, an unexpected storm surge led to the grounding of the vessel on the Akrotiri Peninsula. Due to the relatively shallow waters along the coast, the ship only partially submerged, with its upper part remaining visible above the sea's surface.

Wreck diving offers a captivating opportunity to witness firsthand the fascinating history that lies beneath the waves. Beyond its historical significance, shipwrecks also provide a sanctuary for aquatic life. As the Achaios Shipwreck is easily accessible from the shore and its shallow waters, it has become a popular destination for recreational wreck diving and snorkeling.

Each shipwreck carries its own unique story, and the enchanting combination of the picturesque coast and the mesmerizing view of the rusted vessel make Akrotiri an alluring spot for explorations and discoveries.

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