Zambartas Winery

Zambartas Winery, nestled in Ayios Amvrosios Village, amidst some of Cyprus's most captivating landscapes, manages over 13 hectares of vineyards, both young and old, meticulously cared for through organic practices by their dedicated team.

The inaugural wines bearing the Zambartas label were introduced in 2007, reflecting the winery's commitment to crafting quality wines that authentically embody the essence of Cypriot vineyards and varieties. Since then, the winery has ascended to a prominent position among the island's leading wineries, significantly contributing to the modern revival of the Cypriot wine industry. In 2019, the organic certification was awarded to two of their vineyards, further showcasing their dedication to sustainable practices.

Central to their winemaking approach are two indigenous Cypriot grape varieties, Xynisteri and Maratheftiko, accompanied by a smaller production of Yiannoudi. Xynisteri, a well-known and widely planted white variety across the island, flourishes in Cyprus's dry chalky soils. In contrast, Maratheftiko stands as the flagship red variety of Cyprus. Zambartas Winery is unwavering in its commitment to preserving and promoting these endemic varieties, ensuring their vibrant expression in their wines.

A visit to Zambartas Winery is a must for any wine lover exploring Cyprus. The winery welcomes guests to delightful wine tasting sessions and engaging tours that offer an insider's glimpse into the winery's production area and cellar.

Cyprus, a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts, provides a distinct wine tasting experience, epitomized by Zambartas Winery. Their wines are firmly rooted in the Cypriot terroir and the island's unique grape varieties, presenting accessible, fruity, and aromatic wines that cater to the discerning wine lover's palate.

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