Blue Lagoon

Off the westernmost coasts of Cyprus, in Akamas Peninsula, where the tip of the island extents over the Mediterranean, sits the breathtaking wilderness of the Blue Lagoon.

Tucked away from the rush and bustle of the city, Blue Lagoon is partially inaccessible. Choosing the steep, rugged road past of Akamas National Park or catching a boat off the coast of Latchi, Polis Chrysochous or Paphos’ Harbour, it is an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy a trip inside Akamas reserve or around its coastal zone.

This unique location is known for its crystal-clear blue waters and mesmerizing scenery. A natural border of stones delimits the sandy beach, creating the impression of a blue lake. The small strip of sand manages to remain largely untouched, despite the regular number of vacationers that the area receives during the summer period. Opposite the Blue lagoon is located the islet of Hamili offering a beautiful view, while further on it is the renowned Fontana Amorosa - the “fountain of love” - a location associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Apart from the picturesque natural landscape, Blue Lagoon offers a chance to truly immerse in nature and discover some of the islands’ greatest sights that lie beneath the waves. Offering a field for exploration, snorkeling and diving is a favorite activity of tourists arriving at the area, due to the calm blue waters and the sighting of fish, turtles, a reef located further from the coast, and small rock formations.

While this off the beaten path destination may not necessarily be easy to reach, the reward is a pristine and enjoyable beach experience.

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