Léfkara village

Léfkara village


Lefkara is a village of Larnaca district. The village is world-known for the lace embroidery handicrafts, called “Lefkaritika”. The traditional architecture, the local museum and the numerous churches consist an important part of the village’s identity.

Located at the foot of Troodos Mountains, Lefkara is a traditional village of Larnaca district. Separated administratively in "Pano" (Higher) Lefkara and "Kato" (Lower) Lefkara, it is consisted by two separate and autonomous municipalities.

The most prevalent theory regarding the name of the village, is that "Lefkara" derives from the Greek words "λευκά" ("lefka" which means white) and "όρη" ("ori" for mountains or hills), since the white limestone is a characteristic of the surrounding area.

Lefkara is internationally acclaimed for its lace embroidery handicrafts, "Lefkaritika". It is worth mentioning that the subject artifact has been included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. Even today, walking around the village’s cobblestoned streets, someone can find women sitting outside creating this distinctive and detailed work of art.

Additionally, an interesting collection of Lefkara handmade lace can be found at the Local Ethnological Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silversmith-work. The Museum is located in Patsalos House, a traditional house of the 19th century, and it is exposing - besides the old Lefkara embroidery - traditional costumes, silverwork, but also furniture and tools used in the traditional daily life.

In the heart of the village is located the Church of Holy Cross, a large chapel of the 14th century. Apart from that, Lefkara also counts numerous little chapels, including the byzantine chapel of Archangel Michael, which is decorated with frescoes dating back to the 12th Century.

The scenic view of the village and the nature of the nearby area can be particularly enjoyed walking through the Natural Trails. There are two trails in the area, one between Lefkara and Kato Drys – a neighboring village - and another trail between Lefkara and the Church of Metamorfosis tou Sotiros (Transfiguration of the Saviour Church) – a small church built in the 14th century and located at the top of the mountain called "Sotira" ("the Saviour").

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