Limni Pier

A remnant of the mining and trading history of the area, Limni Pier, is a beautiful dock, located on the coastline between Polis Chrysochous and Argaka villages, in Paphos district.

The pier was originally built for the trading of mined materials. The mine at Limni area was extensively exploited since the Antiquity and it has contributed to the development of the ancient city of Marion. The works at the mine have continued even until the contemporary era and the late 1970s, when due to the exhaustion of the reserves, the mine has closed and abandoned.

The name of the pier, “Limni”, is translated as “lake” in English. During the 1930s, because of the extensive surface excavation for the extortion of copper, a small lake was formed above the copper deposit. Hence, the name was given to the mine and subsequently to the surroundings. 

As part of the development works in the area, the old dock was renovated and thus it was created a unique construction, becoming a great place for an invigorating walk at this unspoiled stretch of coast.

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