Limni Pier

A vestige of the mining and trading history of the region, Limni Pier is a picturesque dock situated on the coastline between Polis Chrysochous and Argaka villages, in the district of Paphos.

Originally constructed to facilitate the trade of mined materials, the pier served the mining operations in the Limni area, which had been exploited since ancient times, contributing significantly to the development of the ancient city of Marion. The mining activities continued until the late 1970s when the reserves were depleted, leading to the closure and abandonment of the mine.

The name "Limni," which translates to "lake" in English, was derived from the formation of a small lake above the copper deposit during the 1930s. The mine and the surrounding area were subsequently named after this lake.

As part of the area's development efforts, the old dock underwent renovation, resulting in a unique structure that now offers an excellent location for a refreshing stroll along this pristine stretch of coast.

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