Santa Irene Winery

Established in 2015, Santa Irene Winery encompasses 200 hectares of vineyards, where the indigenous Mavro Ampelisimo and Xynisteri grape varieties flourish. Nestled on mountain slopes above Farmakas village, some vineyards are situated at altitudes of 1350 meters, and the vines, aged over 150 years, have gracefully adapted to the rocky and mountainous terrain. This harmonious combination of aged vines, high altitudes, mineral-rich soil, ample sunlight, natural rainfall, and adherence to traditional winemaking and vineyard cultivation techniques results in wines of remarkable character and complexity.

At Santa Irene Winery, a diverse selection of red, white, and rosé wines are offered, each boasting unique characteristics and flavorful notes. Engaging in a wine tasting experience, visitors can gain insight into the traditional Cypriot winemaking process, observe the craft of producing Zivania using the copper distiller, and immerse themselves in the viticulture and history of the region while savoring breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscape during a vineyard tour.

Among the winery's distinctive features is the Vinea Ardua vineyard, home to vines aged between 135 and 150 years. Dominated by the Mavro Ambelisimo and Xinisteri grape varieties, the deep roots of these venerable vines draw vital nutrients and moisture from several meters below the ground's surface.

The estate's focus on preserving old vines, those over 25 years old, ensures that the grapes mature with complex flavors and aromas, yielding wines of exceptional character and depth. Merging tradition and science in the winemaking process, Santa Irene Winery benefits from the expertise of local winemakers and distillers, who share their knowledge to create unique and extraordinary wines.

For wine enthusiasts seeking an authentic and unparalleled experience, Santa Irene Winery in Farmakas village, Cyprus, is a must-visit destination. From exploring century-old vineyards to indulging in gourmet dining and wine tasting, the winery offers an array of experiences to satisfy your curiosity and sense of adventure. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Santa Irene Winery, where history, passion, and tradition converge to produce exquisite wines.

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